Agile Gamification


What is gamification?

Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and drive desired behaviors. One of the core strategies is to reward players who complete some valuable activities with points and badges. Other approaches also exist, like using some game elements of competition to stimulate employee performance, or making some tasks more like games  (by adding a narrative, for example).

Agile Gamification

Agile is about change. Changing the way we work, the way we build, the way we negotiate. It is about changing the way we change and being prepared for it. Agile gives us many opportunities to improve and challenges to overcome. If you are an agilist, you may be facing some difficulties, including:

  • Adoption of Scrum (for new teams);
  • Teamwork and communication (you want more);
  • Meeting attendance (could be better);
  • Agile technical practices (Testing, Refactor, Emergent Design, TDD, BDD, etc);
  • Boosting continuous improvement;
  • Influencing self-organization.

Let’s be honest, changing behaviors is not easy. If Josh has spent years programming without writing a single test, we cannot expect that he will start right away. It’s very likely that he will quit this practice as soon as something bad happens. Gamification perfectly fits this scenario.

Have you considered that Agile coaching and mentoring is about engaging and driving desired behaviors? How about using Gamification as a way to improve these skills? It is possible, and we have a new term for describing this approach:

Agile Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics and rewards in an agile software development setting to increase team engagement and drive desired behaviors.

And by using the gamification strategies, we surely can gamify agile software development frameworks and methodologies like Scrum and XP.

Examples of Agile Gamification programs and tools:

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  1. It is nice to hear that, thanks Diego !

  2. abbie says:

    I need to know what SDLC should I be using if i want to make a system. Help please. I was thinking about prototyping…. help

    • Design Thinking is an approach which i can suggest which could be used in complete SDLC i.e. in all its major activities and phases. Prototyping is one of the concept in Design Thinking approach.

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